Friday, August 5, 2011

The Bird Catchers

So today we are inspired by the painting "The Birdcatchers" by Francois Boucher (1748). I knew that I wanted to do an art inspiration, but I wanted to find a painting that was new to me. When I found this painting, I just fell in love with the colors and the way the people are all just lounged and gor-g-ous.

Casie's look:

I loved the pillowy volume of the dresses in the painting and so I paid a tribute to that with my full skirt. The rose pattern on the skirt and shirt mimics the garden setting. I actually really like this shirt with this skirt and have never worn them together before. It is an attempt at pattern mixing (cotton floral with metallic jacquard- gasp!). The jabot on the shirt pays homage to the ruffled shirts on the men. The red shoes are a nod to the pop of red in the painting. Also, one of my daughters and one of my doggies are making their blog debut today.

skirt- thrifted (this was a Guess tunic shirt that I cut the top off of, let out the hem and turned into a skirt. The grosgrain ribbon at the waist is sewn in just as it was in the original shirt I basically have to pull it over my head and down to my waist to get it on.)
shirt- Anna Sui for Target
shoes- Kenneth Cole Reaction, Ebay
bracelets- the bangle is my great-grandmother's and the other one is Ebay

Ali's look:

Ali was mainly inspired by the colors in the painting. She continues to feel challenged by the bun in her oven, but she perseveres in spite of her growing belly (or is it a shrinking wardrobe?). Today she is dressed for "movement" aka choreography at her rehearsal (which of course added another layer of challenge to her day).

Flowy teal shirt, bright orange scarf...the colors of the painting.

Leggings: maternity
Shoes: nordstrom rack

Shirt: Lucy & laurel

Scarf: NYC street vendor
Jewelry: chantilly lace cuff and earrings,

***We both agree that one of the best things about the challenge is the lack of that "I don't know what the heck to wear" feeling. I mean, it takes a lot more brain power to pick out the outfits, but there is always a direction.

Monday's challenge: jailhouse rock

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  1. Love it, love it, love it!!! Painting inspired outfits!!