Friday, August 19, 2011


It may be a place that nobody dared to go before but we DEFINITELY went there today. Whew! The pressure of fashion challenging a movie so near and dear to our hearts. We had to represent.

Casie's look:

*this is my roller skating pose

Well I had to go Kira. I just did. I also had to have something streaming from my hair. I just did. So my dress represents the blousy, belted kind of shirt dress thing that Kira wears in a lot of the film. The white boots are my "roller skates". My hair flair is reminiscent of Kira's 80's fabulous ribbon barrette. Although you might not believe it (considering what I wore yesterday), this is the first day I have felt a little bit silly. Mostly because I would never, under normal, non-challenge circumstances wear a white boot with this outfit. White boots strike me as VERY conspicuous. But I take the challenge seriously, you know. So I throw off the shackles of normal and reach higher and farther than I ever have before. I am inspired by the muse of Kira. I'M ALIVE (thank you ELO).

dress: Tucker for Target, thrifted
boots: Payless
hair flair: Target
belt: thrifted

Ali's look:

Ali (being a raven haired beauty) is the ANTI-Kira (but in a completely respectful, in fact reverent way). Kira is to white, as Ali is to black (if you are studying for your SAT's).
And she did go to a place nobody dared to go in her closet before. Skirt as dress. And then there are the Leggings, leg warmers and a dance shoe. Love it!! The barrette is a nod to Olivia. She is Kira, all things dark...

Skirt/ dress: nordstrom
Leggings: target
Leg warmers: ??
Shoes: capezio
Jewelry: renegade layering necklace, Bardot spiral bangle & earrings, contessa jade necklace, all

Kaitanya's look:

She said this was harder than she expected (So True!). She rocked it out anyway. So Kaitanya is working "Kira off the shoulder" realness. Lovely navy blue frock. The muse has inspired again!

dress: yard sale
earrings: Target

Windy's look:

Also working the off the shoulder look, but this time in billowy white. Check out those roller skate earrings, and come on, how fabulous are the stars?


I actually like to call this Hannah-du peek a boo. Check out the wings! Are you kidding me? The force is great with you, Hannah.

top: lu lu lemon

Monday challenge: Over the rainbow

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  1. haha. cute.
    I have another theme idea for you...current trending from one of my fave movies : Pretty In Pink
    We're talking florals, mixed patterns, layers and plenty of accessories/pins/hats/etc.