Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Orleans

Ahhh...the land of milk and honey. Or booze, beads and beignets. This chall-ahnge was more chall-ahng-ing than one would think.

Casie's look:

(I think my necklace is backwards here. Oh well, you get the general idea, right?)

Thith ith hard. This one was a doozy for me. This one required several outfit changes. This one required a great deal of input from the hubz and the 5-year old. This one required much thinking of alternatives as I lie in bed. I persevered. I chose Mardi Gras. You will get purple and yellow with accents O' green. I wish I had a bunch of color coordinated beads to wear. There will not be any breast baring today, however. No matter how many lovely necklaces you offer me (but you can still offer me pretty necklaces- I accept free jewelry). Get your mind out of the gutter.

Ali's look:

Ali don't feel so good. She may be in and out over the coming days. Rest assured that she is fine, but is not up to being challenged by anything but the cooking of one beautiful baby right now.

Tomorrow's challenge: Angelic

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