Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Subtle Patriotism

Who says you have to save the patriotic wear for July? Not us! We love our country every day. However, we are also sneaky, so we show our love with subtlety.

Some people are not sneaky.

Ali's look:

Subtle americana! A nautical stripe! Jeans! Red shoes! Plus, Apple pie gum courtesy of new fellow cast member Ben.

clothes: ????
jewelry: renegade layering necklace and bracelet, after midnight & on the mark necklaces, heiress hoops in gold, Bardot spiral bangle, harmony band rings, Devi bangles. Stelladot.com/ali

Casie's look:

*house is messy. please disregard all areas around wrist.

skirt: thrifted
tank: thrifted
belt: ??
shoes: Old Navy
bracelet and headband: Target

I will use almost any excuse to sport hair flair! I love this headband. It has giant, white, leather flowers on it for Pete's sake! What could be bad? I think this outfit is both subtly patriotic and sporty/crisp. Get me a sailboat to sit on (because of course my lack of upper body strength will prevent me from participating in actually sailing the boat).

Tomorrow's challenge: preacher's wife