Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harry Potter

I love me some Harry Potter. Ali and I spent many a happy moment waiting in line at midnight for a new Harry Potter book to come out (complete with our homemade Half Blood Princess shirts). We don't kid around about Harry. I cried so hard at the last movie that my husband was embarrassed. I tried to explain that these were my friends. I have spent a lot of my life with these people and seeing them stand up and die was gut-wrenching. He mostly just tried not to laugh at me. Needless to say, this is a fun challenge for me.

Ali's look:

Flowy! Diaphanous! And inspired by the world of potter!
Owl shirt... Love that Hedwig, with her saucy beak clicking, her affectionate finger nipping, and her impatient feet stamping.

Snakey jewelry! So super witchy.

Shirt: eBay
Pants: target
Tank: Charlotte russe
Leggings: target
Shoes: nine west
Jewelry: snake orb pendant, renegade layering necklace, Bardot spiral bangle and hoop earrings in gold, all

Casie's look:

*Note Miss Lovegood's most excellent dirigible plum earrings. Note my own quirky earrings and owl necklace (owl's alluding to the world of Harry Potter...)

I decided to get all Luna Lovegood on your behinds. She is quirky and optimistic and ultimately, the one who saves the day (I mean, if she hadn't tipped off Harry to Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem, where would we be?). I love her sense of style because it is ECLECTIC. She enjoys color, pattern mixing, tights, interesting shoe choices. This girl marches to the beat of her own drummer. We could all learn a thing or two from Miss Luna.

Shirt- Ebay
Skirt- Express, Ebay
shoes- Old Navy, thrifted
tights- Target
Necklace and Bracelet- Stella & Dot
earrings- vintage but I don't remember from where

Kaitanya (GUEST PLAYER!!!!!!):

I have known Kaitanya since the first day of school in sixth grade. I made her miss the bus home and she somehow managed to like me anyway. Oh the adventures we have had! I am so excited she is playing today. Kaitanya calls this her afro-centric Helena Bonham Carter (aka Bellatrix Lestrange) look. I am particularly appreciative of her use of props. You wield a wand with POWER!

Guest Player #2 Hannah:

*did you notice this pic is made out to someone named Hannah? It's like she knew. Trelawny always knows.....

Hannah is going all patchouli on us and vibing Professor Trelawny. Are there any tea leaves tucked in her pockets?
Shirt: target
Vest: nordstrom

Jeans: American eagle
Shoes: wild diva
Necklace: a gift from dad purchased in Oregon


Windy has pulled off the Hagrid look with style and flair. Note how the hood of the coat emulates Hagrid's untamed mane of hair. And the leafy earrings represent his love for nature.

Friday Challenge: Xanadu (provided by my friend Todd)

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