Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Interpret Prada Look

Wow. Um....the word thwarted comes to mind. This was a hard one, but let's break down the look:

minimal accessories
red and brown
woolen underpants

Casie's look:

*daughter #1 enjoys a photo opp.

Well, I find that I am sorely lacking in the sleek department where red and brown are concerned AND I am fresh out of woolen underpants (in any color). This felt like a fail to me, but I have to remember that the point is to accept the challenge with grace and do your best with what you have. If it isn't ever hard then we would have to call it an easy or something. So I went with:

minimal accessories
red and brown

This is kind of Holly Hobby does Prada. I layered my brown sundress (seen previously on the challenge here) over a red smocked sundress (so the brown lace peeks out at the bottom like a petticoat). I am rocking my fake Fryes and I kept the accessories to a minimum (just earrings and the bracelet). Speaking of the is a burgundy leather flower that is actually a headband. I thought that could represent the burgundy leather bag that the model is carrying in the picture.

dresses: thrifted (the red one is Fire Los Angeles)
boots: Target
headband/bracelet: Target

Ali's look:

Despite giving it the college try, the score is: challenge-1/Ali-0 for today.

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Hannah plays again!

Inspired by the v neck and wanted to stay on the color scheme and also represent the billowy effect of the look.
Shoe wise, she chooses not to wear a thigh high boot due to the unflattering leg shortening effects. (I am impressed that she has thigh high boots to choose in the first place)

Shirt: American eagle
Sweater: urban outfitters
Shorts: hand me downs (hollister)

Boots: steve madden

Thursday's challenge: Harry Potter

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  1. Y'all are so awesome...and I will have to join in soon. Kai