Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pick a Clue Character...Any Clue Character

It is a game. It is a movie. Apparently it is even a musical.

I used to love this game. To be honest, I don't think it was so much the "who dun-nit " aspect of this game that attracted me, as the fact that this game always seemed like a 1930's black and white film in my mind.

That is an era I enjoy for the glamor quotient (among other things). I haven't played in quite awhile and according to my Wikepedia research on the game, there is a lot more flesh to these characters (and changes over time) than I ever thought about.

Ali's look:

As you can see, this outfit is Colonel Mustard inspired. Too bad Ali did not have a monocle. Maybe Stella & Dot will come out with one next year. Does she cut the mustard? Ha Ha Ha...I say, "YES".

Top: Nordstrom Rack

Sweater: Target

Dance pants: ?

Attitude: Ali's hubz (we shall call him K-dude)

Jewelry: charm necklace, gold Bardot earrings & bangle all

Casie's look:

(I think I look angry in this picture, but the hubz said I look like a model [Dang I love that man- even if he is rendered completely delusional by love])

I chose Miss Scarlett. I was kind of wanting to go the way of Colonel Mustard, but I didn't want to do the color so much as a representation of the character. That would have required some safari gear and I realize my wardrobe is light in that department. Honestly, Miss Scarlett is my favorite. She is oh so glamorous- tres ele-GAHNT. Let's just forget that she smokes and apparently has a dubious moral character where men are concerned. Man, I want to play this game now.

Anyway, I chose my most floofledy of blouses with the most ridiculously amazing collar and i heaped on the rhinestones. I don't usually sport heaps of rhinestones during the day, but I think Miss Scarlett just might. She has wanton disregard for the rules of propriety.

skirt- thrifted (yes, she is back again for her once weekly visit to the challenge. She is the Trigger to my Roy Rogers- trusty as all get out)
blouse- Antillia Femme, thrifted

belt- ??

necklace- Ebay

Tomorrow's challenge: New Orleans (provided by a friend of my sister's)

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