Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flight Attendant

Time to fly the friendly skies of fashion. Flight attendants (in the imaginary sense) seem like these always put together, beautiful and perfect ladies that are eternally smiling, helpful and gracious. The reality is often different, but I will keep to my idea of perfection for today. On a side note, I am very excited about the upcoming new t.v. show, Pan Am. Are you?

Ali's look:

Ali was inspired by elements of Flight Attendant style. Her printed dress is a nod to the kerchiefs (aka flair) that most flight attendants wear jauntily tied about their neck or ascot style. She is also sporting a circle pin in lieu of her wings and a sensible shoe (any girl serving coffee, tea or milk all day should have a pair of sensible shoes).

So not "classic" flight attendant. INSPIRED BY. ELEMENTS OF. and so forth.

Cropped sweater- Target
Dress- TJ Maxx I think
Jeans - DKNY

Shoes - 9 West

Jewelry- paradise brooch, sloane bangle, renegade cluster necklace- all Stella & Dot

Casie's look:

Well, the two things that stick out for me when I think of a flight attendant are the neck kerchief and the smart, knee length skirt. I realized that I own nary a neck kerchief, so I had to improvise. Luckily I remembered this blouse with the neck tie, and although and I am an incessant closet cleaner and she rarely comes out, I have hung onto her for many years. The thing is, when this shirt works, she really works. I am also sporting my basic black skirt. I heart this skirt, particularly because the back of the waistband is elastic, so I can eat if I feel the hunger.

skirt- thrifted
shirt- Studio M

shoes- Kenneth Cole Reaction, Ebay

earrings- Ebay

Tomorrow's challenge: Art inspiration- The Bird Catchers by Francois Boucher (1748)

*click here to see the painting in more detail

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  1. Totally excited about the new Pan Am show!! Loving the outfits! I am constantly amazed by the energy you both put into dressing, especially since I spend most days in my pj's if I can get away with it.