Thursday, November 10, 2011


Ok. Sushi is delicious. And apparently, it is also very cute because there are A LOT of sushi toys out there.

You can also honor the president with Sushi.

So why not salute this culinary delight with our unique stylings?

Casie's look:

I lurv salmon sushi. Today I am a salmon sushi handroll with avocado. My lovely Anthropologie top is the salmon and the leaves on the top are the avocado. The pearl bracelet from is the rice and my nori green pumps round out the look.

pearl bracelet and necklace- Target
jeans- Old Navy and hand-me-down
shoes- Ebay

Chelsea 2's look:

*sleeve detail

"It was difficult to photo this beautiful dress. I tried to represent the non-edible green grass that always seems to garnish every sushi plate next to the wasabi! I got this dress last night at Forever XXI - it has THE BEST SLEEVES. I paired this with tights, boots, a cuff and my favorite necklace that has a musical note (see the lion king post). Now I'm just hungry."

Jillian's look:

Today, Miss Jilli is a spicy tuna roll. She is surrounded by two blobs of pickled ginger. Ginger never was so cute.

Kim's look:

"Today, I went simple - inspired by the seaweed and white rice with a dark green Tahari suit and white sweater by INC. I jazzed it up with a necklace featuring abalone shells for that ocean look!"
Friday challenge: What's your FAVORITE OUTFIT in your closet (or drawers, or in my case, the floor and the chair and the table)


  1. have you ever seen the baby sushi halloween costume? it's adorable! i love that you styled outfits based on food! what a fabulous idea!

  2. I LOVE this! So cute! Those little plush sushi toys are really adorable.

  3. @Two Birds- I have not seen that costume, but I'm gonna look it up! I did see some adult sushi costumes in my Google image search.

    @Megan- aren't they cute? Smiling food is always adorable. Thanks for the compliment.

    @both- WOW! I don't think I have ever had two comments on one post. I feel special.

  4. I actually gasped out loud at the Obama sushi. Hilarious! I'm very impressed by the nori green pumps too. Perfect.


    P.S. You leave the best funny comments. Every time I'm taking a picture with a purse I think about the comment you left about me in the leaves with my clutch. :)