Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mary Poppins

How I would love to be practically perfect in every way. To tell you the truth though, I might be a little creeped out if my nanny could make stuff fly around the room to clean up (I am forever scarred by the movie Poltergeist). So with wonder and awe, we jump into this salute to Mary Poppins.


Casie's look:

It is a jolly holiday with MEEEEEEEEEE. I suppose I am mixing my references in this pic by holding a spoonful of sugar...I like Mary in her more flitty and flirty holiday gear. Just FYI: Whenever I wear this necklace, my daughter tells me I am wearing a giant Skittle. The hair flair was the best I could do to simulate the hat.

top- gift
jeggings- Sears
shoes and necklace- Ebay
hair flair- Target

Kim's look:

"Chim, chiminee, chim, chiminee, chim-chim-cheree... Today, I'm channeling the fun-loving chimneysweep, Bert! Posed in front of the fireplace at my home, I'm in a grey and black sweater that was a birthday gift from my sister over a Theory tee, black leggings from Target, Banana Republic boots and silver Stella and Dot jewelry."

Jillian's look:

"Am I practically perfect in every way? Well, no, but I am still channeling Mary Poppins herself today. I went with a grey/black ensemble with Target skirt, Brooks Bros cardigan and Banana Republic shoes. Rust turtleneck for the scarf and James Avery jewelry to represent the neckline detail. The hat I purchased in London many years ago. The low temps are only in the 40's here, but I broke it out anyway since how often do I get to wear a hat in Los Angeles? Now I will start whistling 'Spoonful of sugar' for the remainder of the day..."

Chelsea's look:

"I went with a Banana Republic ruffley top with a belt that someone left at my house a million years ago, GAP pants, Nine West boots...and of course an umbrella and lamp in my bag, which is totally from Wal-Mart. oh yeah."

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