Monday, November 14, 2011

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is a regal old soul. And that girl can wear a hat for sure. She loves color, brooches....she has a FIERCE collection of jewels. What could be bad?

Chelsea's look:

"Thy didn't say it had to be QE2, thank you very much. I went for Elizabethan inspired with a touch of me. Black cashmere sweater dress by Benetton, white cuffs and collar by Banana, belt by Banana, capezio fishnets (yes fishnets at work!) and Nine West shoes."

Casie's look:

So today I was inspired by the Queen's tendency to dress like an Easter Egg. She does enjoy a vivid pastel. She also enjoys being overly matchy matchy, so I think the fact that my belt is made out of the same fabric as the dress really works. Sorry for the lack of a queenly hat. I just didn't have it in my stash.
(p.s. it is insane how often I think my hair looks great and it photographs horribly. BAH!)

Dress- vintage Leslie Fay, thrifted
shoes- Payless or maybe Walmart from back in the day
necklace- Ebay

Kim's look:

"I admit, the royal challenge was tough. I had my outfit all picked out by Friday night, but when I got dressed this morning found that 1) my fabulous purple wool suit had a button missing and 2) I had no stockings to match. So, last minute scramble, and I went with a beautiful Ann Taylor floral scarf to represent the Queen's passion for flowers. My "royal" scarf is paired with a Theory tee and Nine West slacks."

Tuesday challenge: Canadian Mountee

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