Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Village People

OK, I love these guys. My Memal (code for grandmother) used to keep a picture of them up on the wall in the house. And have you seen their movie? It's a classic. How can you not love a film starring: Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner, Steve Guttenberg and the Village People. What? AWESOME!

*this is the pic my Memal had hanging up. I am pretty sure it was a page ripped from
The National Enquirer

Casie's look:

I just got these new black boots. I decided that they would make perfect army boots. Plus I found my fatigue style cargos and what village person could not use a little bling at the shoulder?

pants- DKNY, thrifted
shirt- Target
boots- Guess, DSW

Michelle and Jessica's looks:

Yee Haw! That cowboy is mighty handsome. They just can't help that "down home" feelin.

Rachelle's look:

Rachelle is on patrol. Do you feel safer? The boots are from Hong Kong (maximum internationalness!)

Tress' look:

"I went with the construction worker."

Jacket: Target
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

Chelsea 2's look:

"I love this boots - so anything cowboy themed, I jump on the bandwagon. Note heeled boots - comfortable and sassy, brown tights, cowgirl belt, blue dress from Forever 21, sweater from Target and brown scarf. :)"

Jilli's look:

"I went with "cop" today - dark suit, "badge" and "cuffs". Jacket: Eileen Fisher, pants: Gap, bracelet courtesy of my mom."

Kim's look:

"Today, I'm inspired by the Village People's biker guy! An all black ensemble, big silver jewelry and a leather duster. Leather duster - INC, top - Nikibiki, pants - Mary Caryl Giltner Serritella, necklace - Stella and Dot"

Thursday challenge: Jackie O

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  1. That's the poorest Village People outfit selection I have EVER seen.