Friday, November 18, 2011

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a right of passage movie if you are a child of the 80's.

I never had a library that cool at any school I ever attended (certainly not two stories with neon lights and statues). I also never was sentenced to a Saturday detention (which I think took place in the cafeteria at my high school).

I would just like to say that Judd Nelson in this movie is among the hottiest of hotties that ever hotted onscreen. Oh bad boy love, don't taunt me with your fingerless gloved coolness.

Casie's look:

"I could go to Israel, Africa, Afghanistan...." Love this movie. LURVE this movie. I don't know if I was ever actually this angsty in high school but I think I kind of wished I was. Deep and dark basket case... That's me. I had to say no to the converse and socks in favor of a kicky heel, but otherwise, I think the style holds up.

Sweater- Newport News, Necklace- Ebay, Skirt- gift shoes- Walmart

Jillian's look:

"Claire... I was inspired by your pink, brown and burgundy combo and preppy style. Today I have my pink H&M top, brown leather Banana Republic belt and Sofft boots, burgundy pashmina from Ebay, and leather coat from Florence. I don't have diamond stud earrings so I went with garnets. Judd, I would be happy to give one to you!

Debbie's look:

"Tried to pile on that eyeliner! Guess who I tried to depict today?? Great theme!"

Top: Foreign Exchange $15 Skirt: NY

Monday challenge: Safari


  1. Winter, if you ever want to play, I have a Styling Game Facebook page where you can upload your pics and we all get to communicate. Here's the link:!/groups/112497235517881/