Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

I love Thanksgiving. It was always the big holiday in my family. Everyone kind of went their separate ways at Christmas but Thanksgiving it was "be there or be square". I don't really get to have Thanksgiving with my fam since I moved away from Texas, but I can get a taste of it from certain dishes.

By the way, Thanksgiving makes me immediately think of several things:

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Macy's Parade (a must see in my world)

The beginning of A Christmas Story season (which maybe should have been my favorite movie for the movie challenge because I watch it roughly 1 trillion times a year and love it every time).

Casie's look:

Watergate Salad Recipe

Cool Whip
Pistachio Instant Pudding
Canned Crushed Pineapple
Chopped Pecans
Mini Marshmallows
**Stir it all together, and what you get is LOVE

I may be alluding a little too heavily to my Southerness here, but it is NOT Thanksgiving for me without my Watergate salad. It might be a strange concoction (see recipe above- and by the way, the nuts MUST be pecans), but it is GOOD.

Thank you Aunt Roselyn for gifting this food into my life.

(seen here with cousin Stephanie)

I feel that my sweater is a lovely representation of the colors of my dish- minty green, yellow for pineapples, the whiteness of Cool Whip. mmmmmmm......

sweater- Cabi, Ebay
jeans- Old Navy, hand me down from Ali
tank- Target

Jillian's look:

mmmmm.....pumkin pie. Sort of the star of the Thanksgiving dessert world.

Kim's look:

Kim likes Turkey and Stuffing. Personified by the boyfriend sweater and jeans, it is a classic in fashion and on your Thanksgiving table.

Boyfriend sweater by Theory, brown tee by Michael Starts, along with Lucky jeans and Stella and Dot jewelry.

Don't foreget, we are off for the holiday until Monday.

Monday Challenge: Scottish

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  1. I can't turn up my nose at anyone's weird-sounding salads. My family makes Cookie Salad for each holiday and my Mormon in-laws put veggies in their Jello. And it's all delicious. :)