Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Team Spirit

We got spirit, yes we do! We got spirit, how bout you?

Tress' look:

After yesterday, Tress decided to kick it back to comfy. She is rocking her team choir support. Power to the jazz hands!

Shirt: I am sporting our very fancy show choir shirts for this year...yes, I teach show choir. Pants: Adidas Shoes: Danskin

Casie's look:

Well, I am not sporty (as they say), so I had to think about this one. Then I remembered that if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up between the ages of say, birth-7yrs, I would have told you Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. And I loved the DCC of the 80's. So this is my homage. The blue, grey and white. I didn't have a star, but I do have a fabulous STARfish cocktail ring.

dress- thrifted
shoes- Chadwicks, Ebay
necklace- Newport News
ring- the mom-in-law

Chelsea's look:

"So busy today i wanna cry...that's ok, though, because my school is the best school in the land and I show school spirit every day with my Longhorn Burnt Orange purse and cell phone and office decor. I wore my boots today, purchased at Cavenders. Maybe one of Jillian's adorable children will flash a Hook 'em for me to complete my look!"

Chelsea 2's look:

"Go Bruins Go! Mixing blue and yellow is not a bad way to go. Teal sweater from Target, yellow dress (or skirt here) from Forever 21, white tights from Target, brown wedges from DSW! U-C-L-A Fight Fight Fight!"

Jilli's look:

"Gig 'em Aggies!"
"Also, wearing a scarf like this somehow reminds me of wearing school colors a la Harry Potter. I didn't have too many chances to wear winter clothes at A&M - my memories are more of sweltering hot games perched up on the top deck."

Kim's look:

"Okay, so the Indianapolis Colts are not doing so well this year, but they are still my team. Go Colts!!"

Bag by NFL, sweater by INC and blue pendant by Silpada

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