Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Canadian Mountie

Oh Royal Canadian Mounted Police- you are tried and true.

So brave.

So good in an atomic invader invasion

So Canadian.

Today we salute you!

Lisa dawn and her tiny person's look:

So cute. First- totally excited that my sister played today (I did force her a little). And kind of losing a tooth over the sweetness of my little nephew. That is a lot of cute for one little boy to carry.

boots- Kamik
knitted turban- Target
sweater on Lisa- hand me down from The Momsky

Casie's look:

Today I am wearing a hat that I have long since relegated to the dress up box of my children. I had to dig a lot to retrieve this hat and I think I sort of look more like a hillbilly in it than a mountie, but this is what I do for the game. I put it out there and take the consequences [UPDATE- I was wearing the hat backwards for a whole half day. Don't you think it looks better in second pic?]. I am, however, particularly proud of my horse head bracelet. Very appropriate for such an equestrian related theme.

boots- Payless Hat- Target Tunic Tank- Kohl's jacket- vintage, thrifted Jeggings- Sears Bracelet- Ebay

Jilli's look:

"As previously mentioned, I have no red in my wardrobe. So I went with navy, with a blue turtleneck to mimic the high collar, and belted the jacket. I had to go with a low heeled ankle boot rather than my higher-heeled high boots due to significant park walking happening later today. Also went with a tree-inspired necklace - although apple tree rather than maple. Jacket: Eileen Fisher, pants: Gap, boots: Sundini ("shoes that make love to your feet"... who knew?), jewelry: James Avery."

Kim's look:

"The Royal Mounted Canadian Police - a brave and loyal group. My wardrobe choice today was inspired by their current uniform. I'm wearing a Michael Stars tee shirt in red and gorgeous baby bell slacks by Mary Caryl Giltner Serritella, paired with a Nine West belt and Silpada jewelry that reminds me of their badges! And because the Mounties have canine friends that they work with, I had my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (yes, bred in Canada!), Ripper, join me for the photo!!"

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