Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

Kim's look:

"I never had any interest in Strawberry Shortcake - perhaps it was because by the time they were introduced, I was already 20! Yikes! But today, after extensive Googling, I went with Blueberry Muffin as my muse. Wish I had blue hair to complete the look. I'm wearing a Ann Booth blouse from Hoity Toity boutique over a Mary Caryl tank, paired with a blue pendant from Silpada. The blouse has a paisley pattern, which I felt was appropriate for an 80's era challenge!!"

Casie's look:


Owing to my French hubby and the general cuteness of her name, I am Crepes Suzette today. Bon Appetit!

The only item on me that is not thrifted or stolen from my sister is the brown undershirt from Target.

Jack's look:

**one of my adorable nephews (the one who had no choice but to participate)

Huckleberry Pie has moderned up. Not a straw hat in sight!

Lisa's look:

"The Peculiar Purple Pie Man from Porcupine Peak. Ra ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta TAH."

All items thrifted or stolen from my sister.

Kaitlin's look:

**My gorgeous niece.


If you can't tell, Kaitlin's shirt is an orange looking at a glass of orange juice and saying, "You would be nothing without me." Haaaaaaaaaa......
Kait's shirt is thrifted. Undershirt is Justice. Necklace made by her mom.

Jillian's look:

*I made Jilli Plum Pudding.
"Strawberry shortcake makes me think bright colors, head to toe, with striped legwear and little skirts. And hats of course. So I went with a striped dress and a symphony of purples. Dress: Harold's, sweater: H&M, shoes: Franco Sarto, jewelry: Stella & Dot."
Wednesday challenge: (plucked from The Envelope by my lovely niece) Candy


  1. Gosh the only characters I could remember off-hand were Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Tart. I remember counting those 2 dolls as among my greatest wordly possessions in the 80s. :)