Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dog the Bounty Hunter

I used to be kind of obsessed with this show. Things got shaky for me on my feelings about the Dog after he left an unkind message on his son's voicemail that got out to the world. Either way, I find this family fascinating. And they DEFINITELY have a sense of style.

Nina's look:

She didn't even know she was playing today, but when she walked into work, SHE WAS.

Casie's look:

I got on my all black. With the lace I got business in the front and party in the back (my ode to a mullet). The feather earrings are for Mr. Dog's penchant for a feather and my Southwestern ring is for his love of Native American flair. Choker-check, hanging down, badge like necklace- check, kick-butt boots- check, leather jacket for when things get serious- check. DON'T MESS WITH THIS DAWG.

jeans- Simply Vera Wang, Kohl's
boots- Guess, DSW
jacket and Tank- Target (ps. the tank is Liz Lange maternity but I liked it so I bought it)
necklaces- handmade and gifted, hand me down from Grandma Lil

Kim's look:

Kim (ahem, I mean K-Dog) had to travel today for work.

"Dog the BH flies in comfort in a INC sweater, champion yoga pants and Silpada jewelry! Comfortable Ugg slip ons on my feet!"

Jillian's look:

"For my bounty hunting, I have the black leather boot, black pant, v-neck cardigan (in homage to Dog's omnipresent vest) and lots of silver jewelry. I also have caught my own bail-jumper; she's glad to be returned to police custody."

Chelsea 2's look:

"Technically today I'm wearing a gorgeous silver jacket (very Jetsons/space-suit oriented) over this, but I like to keep my bounty hunter badassness a secret. Here's my black tight skinnies, boots that are made for walking, express top that swings low, edgy H+M silver/black scarf, and leather cuff from Fahmina.com. It's the center poof and red lips that give me away."

Just to prove Chelsea rocks her Dog-ness. This is her pick after a birthday target practice surprise. Notice all the holes through the heart. She is one bad mama jamma.

Chelsea's look:

"Despite never having to post bail or really being in any trouble with the law, I know a few things about Dog and his peeps. They enjoy leather. The women hunt criminals in impractical shoes. They are tough as nails. They enjoy metal acc...essories. I went lawyer-chic Dog today. Leather jacket by Ted. turtleneck by Zara and black pants by the Limited. Tough but ridiculously high leather platform shoes are Nine West. Metal accessories by Stephanie Huddleston Miller. Good luck criminals...I'm gonna find you. Don't I look mean and tough? huh?"

Wednesday challenge: The Andy Griffith Show


  1. Inspiration from Dog the Bounty Hunter? You guys must have so much fun coming up with these. Do your coworkers know what the theme is or do they guess?


  2. Oh, my coworkers love guessing. When they get it right, it is like The Price is Right up in here!!!

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