Monday, November 28, 2011


Scotland makes me think of Scotch eggs, kilts, haggis and Mike Myers. Also not wearing underpants. And also maybe sheep, and little black dogs, and hairy cows....

Lisa's look:

I am visiting my sister in New Hampshire and so it was much easier to get her in the spirit of the game. She is representing Scotland as the birthplace of golf. So green and pretty!

sweater- Haymaker, church rummage sale
sunnies- Goodwill (found new!)

Jillian's look:

"I am Scottish-inspired rather than literal today: plaid tights (Hue) with my Banana skirt in lieu of a kilt, tall boots by Corso Como to represent knee socks, black sweater (August Silk) over it all. My necklace was purchased for me in Edinburgh by my husband as a surprise!"

Kim's look:

She's as purple as a Scottish thistle!

"I'd like to go back to Scotland sometime - it's gorgeous and the people are so nice. Today to celebrate my trip this past September, I'm wearing my cashmere sweater and scarf purchased in Edinburgh (can I pretend the plaid is "Clan Simons"? Paired with an Ann Taylor tank, Mary Caryl skirt, Banana boots and tights, and highlighted with my Highland Cow pin and Seamus the Scottish Border Collie (both purchased in Oban)!"

Casie's look:

I am experiencing my first time traveling and playing the game. The Envelope has been carefully packed, so don't you worry. I thought I was just plain Scotch today but my brother-in-law very helpfully pointed out that today I am really SCOTCH TAPE! Sort of appropriate for this season of wrapping.

jeans- Old Navy by way of Ali
top- Ralph Lauren, New Hampshire thrifting adventure

Tuesday challenge: Strawberry Shortcake Character (plucked from the envelope by my very own sister)

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