Friday, November 4, 2011


Ahhh....the amazing world of insects. The stuff of National Geographic documentaries and Fear Factor. What little bug are you inspired to be?

Kai's look:

Red and black scarab. Beetles are so elegant looking. Don't you just want to pick one up and wear it like a brooch? The weird thing is, they would probably stick. Cool and ...ewww.

Casie's look:

So I think scarab beetles are lovely as can be, AND my much beloved Journey likes them a lot. So today I am a blue scarab beetle. The wings on my earrings are an homage to one of the keenest bands on earth.

dress- Target, thrifted
shoes- Calvin Klein, DSW
earrings and tights- Target

Chelsea's look:

"I went caterpillar today...a little green and black is always fabulous. That'a light green Gap sweater, Ted Baker black skinnies and Nine West booties (he he...I said booties). I'm gonna go crawl away now and eat a leaf!"

Chelsea 2's look:

"Comfy Friday on a chilly day! Wearing gorgeous blue scarf from "Green Sewn" Sustainably Style - made from used Indian saris. :)"

That's turquoise shield bug with orange legs up there. Smashing bug, I say!

Kim's look:

"Oh what a tangled web we weave... My top today represents water droplets on a spider's web.
I thought the drop pearl necklace represented it as well. Top by INC, drop pearl from Silpada, jeans from Joe's. And yes, that basketball hoop is in my office. Long story there..."

Jillian's look:

"I thought iridescent beetle today - green ombre shirt by Limited, jeans Joe's, leather jacket Gap, and faceted earrings/necklace from Nordstrom Rack. Mark suggested the jewelry as like faceted buggy eyes."

Monday challenge: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
(classic or Tim Burton or, GASP...the book)


  1. What a lovely blog! I love that you were inspired by all those lovely little bugs. :)


  2. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you check in again. We have tons of fun. If you ever want to play, you can post pics to our facebook page.

  3. What cool inspiration - I like this! :)