Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorite Book

Casie's Look:

My favorite series of books is the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett and my favorite character in those books is Granny Weatherwax. I didn't have any clothing nearly practical enough to pass muster with granny and I am sorely lacking of a pointy hat, but I thought she MIGHT not mind basic black. I have on these two necklaces because she is hard edged but with a heart of gold and the owl is because she can leave her body and take over the minds of birds.

ONE of my favorite books - I can't help going with the crowd on this - Harry Potter is just amazing. I miss them and have to go back and visit them occasionally! This is my attempt at Minerva McGonagall's black on black, stern yet heart of gold look:) Sweater (that looks a little teacher Hogwarts to me) was a gift from the sistah. I am also wearing black jewelry, but my blurry picture doesn't show it very well. It is snowing here - perfect day for a book by the fire if I didn't have three kids at home;) Happy New Year to you all!

Monday's Challenge: TEXAS


Casie's Look:

I went with classic black and white because Egyptian is very classical. Also Egyptians love accessories so I went big on those. Classic asp snake bracelet, layered necklaces, ring and bracelet - Christmas gifts. Earrings, Target. Jeans, Kohls. Jacket, Thrifted. Owl Necklace, Stella and Dot. Long necklace, Target.

Kim's Look:

A very blurry photo - with the office being so empty, my picture was taken by someone who isn't iPhone savvy. But, in celebration of Egypt, I am the Egyptian flag. I'm wearing a black Splendid shirt with red embroidery on the sleeves and collar (even though you can't see it in the photo!), and gold jewelry from Stella and Dot!

Lisa's Look:

I wanted to be a pyramid today, but I couldn't find sand color or triangles;). I am wearing my favorite shirt for beautiful hieroglyphics, gift from Sis. The white shirt was a warm under shirt Christmas gift. I made sure to wear black eyeliner today for Egyptian flair. I love Egyptian history.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Casie's Look:

I am a tree on vacation. My branches are brown and my leaves are green and I have to wear the same leaves and branches a lot cuz of the limited room in my suitcase. Sorry if your pants are bored.

Lisa's Look:

Brown boots for tree trunks. Green LLBean sweater for tree. Tree Frog, a gift from my grandmother. Brown and green necklace, a gift from my friend Jana. Jack is wearing brown pants and a green top from Target (dressed by Sister Kaitlin for forest day).
Mandy's Look:

Comfy is the name of the game as I am taking care of a friends baby and cleaning house to prepare for a housefull tomorrow! Forest green sweater, thrifted. Black skinny pants, Lane Bryant. Leafy earrings, Target. Multi colored necklace (to represent all the many colors in a forest) was a gift from my beloved Grammy.

Kim's Look:

I am an evergreen! Forest green wrap top by Mary Caryl, brown Marlowe cords (so comfy) and brown Nine West boots. I added a Silpada necklace that looks like petrified wood and wooden earrings to complete the look!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Disney Villiains

Disney makes great evil villains! Let's see how everyone used this challenge to show their evil, dark side today!

Deborah's Look:

"why is she wearing my molted exoskeleton?!" :) Hopper from a Bug's Life. Sweater/shrug from Foreign Exchange. Scaly looking goodness.

Mandy's Look:

Today, I decided to go with Scar from The Lion King. Brown and black. Shirt- Old Navy, Shoes- Kohls, Everything else gifted.

Lisa's Look:

Today I am Captain Hook in a wrap around red shirt with white under shirt (thrifted), black boots (thrifted) and a big gold necklace (Target) with the ocean on it. Arggggh!

Casie's Look:

Scar from the Lion King. Shirt is Liz Lang maternity(cuz I liked it), Jeans thrifted, Scar-f (get it) gift. Ring Christmas Gift


Friday, December 23, 2011



Kim's Look:

Kwanzaa! Red, black and green! Black jeans - Lucky. Red tee - Splendid. Green stone jewelry - Silpada
Lisa's Look:

Kwanzaa Day. Shirt and Jeans, Target. Sweater I have had since high school. Boots thrifted recently. Necklace, Catos. Earrings, local crafter.

Jillian's Look:

Kwanza kwanza kwanza, red, black and green. Mark says the earrings look like Candle flames. Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, shirt: Escada, jeans: Joe's, jewelry: Stella & Dot

Deborah's Look:

Red, green and black for Kwanzaa. Jacket at a yardsale (.50¢!) Ugg boots, and borrowed tank!

Casie's Look:

Kwanzaa means First Fruits, so Casie's look today represents the fruits!
Such commitment - even while driving, she's in the game!

Tuesday's Challenge: Disney Villian!
We will take a little break Monday for Christmas.
See you Tuesday:)!