Thursday, June 7, 2012


 Kim's look:

Caddyshack- one of my favorite movies. Channeling Rodney Dangerfield's character.

Casie's look:

Golf ball on putting green.  Straight forward and happy.  To be honest, I wore this dress to work without the tank top but with a little jacket.  But the boob thing was out of control, so I called my boss and asked her to bring me a tank top to wear.  Ahhhh....I feel much better.

tank top- borrowed
dress- handed down from Ali
shoes- Target
necklace- gift from Ali from the land of Mexico

Jilli's look:

*I don't play golf, but this picture kind of makes me wanna.  You look LURVLEY, Miss Jill.

Travel player again... inspired by Coral Canyon golf course in UT.

Friday challenge:  Art Inspiration

This is a piece of art by Michael Whelan.  It depicts a story from Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles (my favorite story from The Martian Chronicles- BTW).  I think it is fitting that we celebrate Mr. Bradbury's own artistic contribution this week.

Ray Bradbury- Mars

Here is a link to a commentary on Mars by Ray Bradbury in National Geogrpahic (Where I found the picture)Read it.  Pretty awesome perspective.


  1. Amazing story Casie. "We are the Martians!" Gosh, when I look at the golf course photo, it really could be on Mars.

  2. i absolutely love that commentary. thank you for sharing it. i cannot wait to dig deeper on mr. bradbury.

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