Friday, June 1, 2012

Camp Counselor

Casie's look:

I have not watched Meatballs in a really long time.  At one point, it was my entire reference for what summer camp is.  I went to church camp once, but I think that was the end of my stay away camp experience.  Meatballs and church camp WERE NOT the same.  Today I am Bill Murray in Meatballs with my quasi Hawaiian shirt.  It has PINEAPPLES on it people.  Pineapples=Hawaiian.  I am really tired.  Give me some wiggle room here.

necklace, shoes, jeans- Target

Jilli's look:

Today I am the arts & crafts camp counselor with beady accessories on leather cords and a wood bracelet. Green t shirt: Ross (thanks Mom!), jewelry: Stella & Dot (thanks Ali!). Also have on jeans and brown leather sandals.

Monday challenge: Brady Bunch

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