Monday, June 11, 2012

The Avengers

Jilli's look:

Hulk smash!

Kim's look:

 *there is no sorry in the game, only try....

Captain America! Blue and white striped dress from Banana Republic! I had no red to embellish - sorry, and no shield!!

Casie's look:

 *like the hand crafted sticky note power ball in my hand?

IRON MAN!  Red with golden accessories.

Lisa's look:

Lisa is the hulk.  Is she trying to save or devour the tiny child in the swing?

Tuesday challenge:  60's girl group


  1. lol. You guys are awesome. The Hulk is totally scary in the Avengers so Lisa may very well be trying to eat that child.

    And thank you for the hand-crafted sticky note power ball, Casie. That made my day!

  2. LOL Gracey. I hope Lisa is not hungry!