Friday, June 8, 2012

Art Inspriation- Michael Whelan

 My little Ray Bradbury shout out....

This is a piece of art by Michael Whelan.  It depicts a story from Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles (my favorite story from The Martian Chronicles- BTW).  I think it is fitting that we celebrate Mr. Bradbury's own artistic contribution this week.

If you did not get a chance to check out the link where I found this painting yesterday, here you go. 

Please read the Ray Bradbury commentary about Mars.  This was a man with a fascinating mind.

Kim's look:

Martian glamor cannot be denied.  
Rust colored skinny pants by else
Blue sparkle top from a cool shop in Topanga
Silver sparky jewelry by Stella and Dot and Silpada.

Casie's look:

*for the mask
*for the martinan landscape
*my best Martian pose

Ignore the clothing.  Think of it as a blank canvas upon which my accessories do the talking.  The orangy, tortoise shell beads are for the martian landscape in the painting.  My bracelet is the mask.  This story is so haunting- about a Martian woman who dreams of an astronaut coming to Mars.  I did a project on this story in my A.P. English class in high school.  I made my interpretation of the mask.  It basically involved glitter and more glitter.  Mmmmmm.....glitter.

shirt and necklace- Target
pants- handed down from Ali
bracelet- gift from MIL
Monday challenge:   
The Avengers (which I have not seen, so there will be copious Google imaging)

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  1. you've reached outfit perfection her casie. a true martian.

    {not only do i need to dig deeper, jacob would be fascinated in his writings as well!}